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Thursday, August 14, 2003

We use the technology of Weblog here. So it is better to know few things about Weblog. This is an 'easy to make' homepage tool. You need not know HTML nor web designing. These things are built-in and you need to fill in various columns for your publication. As long as you know how to log-in and use internet that is enough.

As an author in this project "Our Legacy" you will be given a User ID an a Password to use one of our Blogger accounts created sepecially for this book. You will be a member in our new age Tamil Sangam in cyberspace!

Blogging is a term used for maintaing information in cyberspace that is searchable, viewable and commentable. We plan to run the show in English and life is easy with this international language. I may have to give you lot of instructions if it were in Tamil. Tamil Blogging is another story.

You can add additional sheets or leaves to this ever growing Organic Book at your pace. If your story is ready, post that story in Blogger. To do that, log-in to Blogger at at their Blog Spot . Type in the "Username" and "Password given to you.

You will enter into a window of publishing!

Text entry

Enter your essay in the "New Post" - Direct entry mode,
Cut & Paste your Essay in that column.


If you have images in your essay you need to add proper html tags to make them appear in your essay. This essentially means that you need to upload your 'images' before you enter Blogger! You may like to do it by yourselves or you may ask one of us to help you: Dr.N.Kannan; Suba; Santhiramathy.

It is easy to open a Free webpage these days. You may like to consider the following hosts for your webpage:



Free Web Space

Once you have your homepage for Free, upload your images there and give a link to your image as follows in your essay.


An image from Satyajit Rai's Pather Panjali is included here. It is right aligned. The html tag for it is:

< IMG HEIGHT=120 WIDTH=120 ALIGN=RIGHT SRC="http://people.freenet.de/bliss/pather_09.jpg" >

You can change every parameter mentioned in the tag such as the Height of the Image, Width of the image, the Alignment of the image in your essay and most importantly the location of your image (the path).

You may get online tutorial on html from various sources. You may like to read Dave Reggets simple instructions :

Getting started with HTML

Lyco's Webmonkey teaches you html as well.


Once you finish with your Text and Images, you are almost done. Click "Post" on your right right and your essay is posted now. This will appear in the window below. In case if you want to add something or change something, click "Edit" in that post of yours and repost it. Once you are over click "Publish" button on your right.

You are done!

Your essay is published in the O! Book "Our-Legacy". Once you familiarize yourself with it you may add additional information anytime you want. Of course, informing us about your entry :-)

If you prefer to learn all these things in Tamil or if you prefer to add a sheet in Tamil the Following Links will help you:

Badri Sheshadri's Blogs in Tamil (Tips & Tricks)
Suratha Yarlvanan's Ayutham Pages . This is an illustrated instrcution.

The following Web Tools are helpful, if you like to write in Tamil and publish them in Blogs:

* Unicode Tamil Writer
* Unicode converter
* TSCII writer
* TAB writer

Murasu Anjal is a Universal Web Publishing Tool with a wide userbase.

Visit Murasu Homepage for free tools & Utilities.
Muthu Nedumaran runs an eMail list for those who use Murasu Anjal as well. You will get update information and a lot of Tips and Tricks there.

Check out the Links given in this page for several useful information, utilities and others.

All the best.

N.Kannan (Korea)
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